When to Say “Yes” to Outside Support

When to Say “Yes” to Outside Support

Asking for support can be difficult as an individual or a business leader. 

A good leader is recognizing when things aren’t going as planned or as you want, whereas the sign of a great leader is acknowledging and taking action around your opportunity areas.

While it may be challenging to ask for support, I’ve found that it’s not acknowledging the support needed but the rationalizing of the support that keeps companies from moving forward.

There are a few reasons leaders may recognize but not move forward.

The Cost

Budgets are budgets, and while the intent and drive may be there, the budget may not be. I understand this and respect a company’s budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in your approach.

It may not be to the level that you want, but it is important to take action and get the ball rolling. It may be a quarter of the work you want to support, but that quarter is more than nothing and can become a great motivator to work into future budgets to enhance training and development.

The Necessity

Acknowledging where improvements and enhancements can be made is only that. I often see business leaders who don’t feel it’s necessary.

This is where I like to challenge leaders on knowing the pulse of their organization. While leaders may not see a benefit to outside support, managers and employees may. 

Training Tip: An investment in your people is always a good investment that will bring you a good ROI, regardless of whether you feel necessary. 

Finding the Right Fit

Our tech-driven world makes finding resources incredibly easy. But that can also be overwhelming and time-consuming. Sifting through hundreds of possibilities in the form of articles, organizations, and people can feel daunting and deflating. 

More often than not, if outside support is sought, it’s likely because of a referral through your network. While this is typically preferred and an excellent source for finding support, it can be limiting.

When leaders don’t have the connections or referrals or are inundated with too many options through search, the answer is usually not to move forward on anything and keep the status quo. 

Identifying When Outside Support Should Be Considered

Looking for gaps in your organization and personnel is the first step to identifying if outside support (or additional internal support) is needed. This could be a gap in skills, available time, qualifications, and other needs.

Another sign for seeking outside support is ongoing challenges where you continue to experience the same recurring issues for years. 

When these signs occur, my first question is: Do you have someone within your organization who is capable of supporting what you need?

If yes, your focus should start with this person. Do they know they are responsible? Do they have clear expectations? Do they have the time to take this on alongside their other responsibilities? 

If you do not have an internal team member who can step in or step up, it’s time to seek outside support.

When You Decide to Seek Outside Support

The decision to bring in outside support can be a wonderful and much-needed change but don’t forget about who that change may affect.

Depending on the support you’re going to receive, for instance, leadership coaching versus full employee training, you need to properly communicate to those involved for transparency and cooperation.

Leaders should communicate this message while copying in the outside resource. Employees should know the who, what, and why details ahead of time, along with training and development goals.

Transparent communication increases engagement from participants and eliminates surprises, and reduces skepticism.

If you’re ready to see changes, don’t have the time or internal resources to address those ongoing challenges, then seeking outside support may be a viable solution.

“Never let the lack of support deter your mission.”

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