What Effective HR Looks Like

What Effective HR Looks Like

Human Resources can seem difficult to define because the role varies based on the industry, the size of the company, the company’s goals and needs, and the perspective of the HR role from others.

Through my extensive experience both in HR and through business coaching, I’ve seen how companies tend to limit or confine the role of HR based on their needs or misconceptions of the position.

The Role of HR

HR can and should be focused above and beyond the essential functions like payroll, benefits, and even hiring.

From a leadership perspective, HR should be involved with strategic planning. And for multiple reasons. The first reason is to create a strong leadership presence throughout the company, enforcing the same team, same page mentality. The second is they provide better insight into possible challenges or opportunities allowing smoother transitions when change occurs for employees.

From an employee perspective, HR gives employees peace of mind knowing they have someone else advocating on their behalf. HR can also offer opportunities for professional growth throughout the organization.

In summary, HR plays Switzerland in the organization, offering neutral and unbiased support to move the company goals forward and keep employees well cared for.  Leaders, along with employees, drive your culture.

What Does Effective HR Look Like?

To be effective in HR means you can play in the gray area and balance wearing multiple hats while still keeping neutrality.

One day it may be completing payroll and benefits, and the next, it may be challenging leadership on a decision that may not be suitable for employees. A different day could be working alongside a hiring manager to fill a position, and the next could be conflict resolution between a supervisor and an employee.

An effective HR professional can support proactive strategic planning and support day-to-day employee needs while driving business results forward. All while remaining neutral.

Training Tip: While HR can and will wear multiple hats, you cannot expect them to wear each of them everyday. There needs to be a balance based on immediate needs.  Consider outside assistance to get them up to speed on areas of improvement or fill the gap when needed.

If you only see HR as a glorified administrative role, you’re missing out on utilizing an essential leadership team member to advance your business results. 

If you want an effective HR professional (or team), you need to determine your organization’s needs and what HR can support. 

Ask yourself: What does effective HR look like for my company?

Then discuss those needs with your current HR support to get on the same page, prioritize, and move forward effectively together.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

If you’re an HR professional, feeling a little lost, or a leader looking for support for your HR professionals, connect with me today to learn how to move towards effective HR.

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