Choosing the right tools


Effective individuals, managers, and leaders understand the importance of having the right tools in their toolbox. The right tools are the means to take an individual from good to great.

Dynamic Talent Consultants believes in utilizing the best tools and resources to support both individual and group growth through our services. We are a partner with Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions, which offers research-based and backed solutions that provide insight and expertise into individuals and teams.

Everything DiSC®

What if you could understand how to better engage with your team members? Everything DiSC®  is a robust and inquisitive tool for helping individuals understand work styles and tendencies.

Through a short assessment, leaders and managers are able to receive applicable solutions and insights to build better and healthier relationships. This not only increases productivity, but supports increased trust, confidence, and retention within organizations.

We offer assessments around Workplace, Management, Sales, and Leadership. Connect with us to determine which assessment is best for your organization.

Download the informational brochure below to learn a little more about Everything DiSC®.

PXT Select

Hiring takes hours of time and careful deliberation. Between specific industries and positions, it can leave some wondering if they’ve made the best hire for the job and the company overall.

The right people in the right position are the key to your business success and reaching full potential. Dynamic Talent Consultants wants you to feel confident in your hiring process and selection to assure a healthy team and organization.

We get to know your company and hiring needs in an unbiased and objective manner to develop a process that will serve your company for the long term.

We support companies in implementing a funnel approach to hiring, narrowing down candidates who are the best fit with an objective, efficient automated application process. We combine this with our PXT Select™ assessment to measure a candidate on their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests to objectively evaluate how an individual may perform.

Download the informational brochure below and connect with me to learn more about our PXT Select™ hiring tool.

The Five Behaviors®

Teamwork delivers boundless results, but fostering teamwork takes constant effort — and empowering a team that works effectively and productively takes even more. Every individual brings unique skills, special talents, and an integral function to the business they serve.

Dynamic Talent Consultants offers a unique resource that takes your team to the next level.

The Five Behaviors® program assesses and profiles each individual to understand and apply their five behaviors within a team setting. These five focuses are on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

Dynamic Talent Consultants facilitates both the assessment and analysis to share strategies of how to implement and practice insights as a team for greater efficiency and productivity.

Download the informational brochure below and connect with us to learn more about The Five Behaviors® and how it can support empowering your team to reach their full potential together.

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