We Understand the Need For Varied Approaches

What We Offer

At Dynamic Talent Consultants, we understand the need for varied approaches. We offer a variety of workplace prescriptions to fit most needs, both individually or as a small group, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll assess and prescribe a custom solution.

Take a look over our offerings below. Not quite sure which would be best? Connect with me and we’ll figure it out together!

Individual Workplace Health Plans

Our individual plans are designed with a central focus on you and your professional growth in an HR role, as a business leader, CEO, or individual wanting to move into a leadership role and provide influence to move your business forward.

Our individual care plans include:

For more details on each of these individual workplace health plans, click here.

Group Workplace Health Plans

Our group plans are designed specifically for small teams with a focus on how to optimize and enhance individual work styles and relationships to grow better together for the greater good of the organization.

Our group care plans include:

  • Manager Primary Care (Team Training)
  • Team Health Optimization (Robust Team Training)
  • Team Health Assessment (Workplace Training)

For more details on each of these group workplace health plans, click here.

Urgent Care Workplace Health Plans

More often than not, the unexpected occurs more often than expected. This care plan is designed specifically for this scenario, when you need support fast!

  • Emergency Coaching (Executive Support)

For more details on this urgent care workplace health plan, click here.

Supplemental Workplace Health Plans

Even an established and healthy organization can be in need of some supplemental support. These plans are designed as specific, one-time support to supplement hiring needs as well as team behavioral needs.

  • Behavioral Health (5 Behaviors)
  • Personnel Health Assessment (PXT Select)

For more details on these supplemental workplace health plans, click here.

Lunch N’ Learns

If you’re looking for some quick insights and light introductions into the work that Dynamic Talent Consultants offers, consider booking a lunch n’ learn. Select from one of the following common workplace topics to experience our methods firsthand and inspire your organization.

Walk-In Clinic topics include:

  • Evolution of Impactful Leaders
  • The Gift of Effective Meetings
  • Consistent Communication is Key
  • Diagnosing the Health of Your Organization

For more details on these clinics and to book, click here.