Hire effectively.

Which candidates should move forward in the next stages of the hiring process? How can HR representatives and managers objectively assess candidates for their company?

Hiring takes hours of time and careful deliberation. Even so, some may still wonder if they’ve truly hired the best person for the job.

Dynamic Talent Consultants has mastered the hiring process. Fifteen-plus years in the industry has taught us how to narrow down the most qualified candidates for high-level and manager-level positions from pools of applicants in an objective, effective method.


Every company is unique — and every company needs a unique hiring process. Dynamic Talent Consultants gets to know your company and its hiring needs, and works with leaders and managers to develop a process that will serve your company for the long term.

We help companies implement a funnel approach to hiring. This approach allows companies to narrow down candidates who are the best fit with an objective, efficient automated application process. Once candidates are found, we have a set of tools, like PXT Select™ or Customer Service Profile, to assist in deeper job candidate assessments and also have onboarding capabilities once new employees join the team.

Authorized Partner PXT Select a Wiley Brand

PXT Select™ (PXT)

With the PXT Select™ (PXT), decision-makers at companies can gain objective reliable insights through quality assessments for mid- to high-level positions. The versatility of this tool allows you to determine the job qualities you need for different positions — thinking and reasoning styles, behavioral traits, occupational interests — and to assess the potential productivity of different people for more concrete hiring decision-making. This tool is the only assessment that meets the SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is completely compliant and satisfies all requirements of the ADA, DOL, EEOC, and the Civil Rights Act and is validated to be age, gender, and ethnicity neutral.

Customer Service Profile™

With the Customer Service Profile™ decision-makers at companies can assess the characteristics of prospective customer service employees. The assessment includes a customer service skills test and a customer representative test. The tool also includes versions specific to an industry, like hospitality, healthcare, financial, retail and more.


PXT Select Brochure

PXT Select Brochure


A new, simpler, all-inclusive approach that utilizes powerful assessment data to help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop their team members and leaders.

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