Invest in Your Personal
Leadership Impact

Leadership Coaching

Invest in yourself by stepping beyond the understanding of DiSC® and into continuous application and support with realtime work scenarios. You can shift your impact as a leader and reach the next level in your current role or develop yourself for future opportunities through confidential coaching. Leadership is challenging when faced with disengaged employees, drama and conflict within your teams, communication headaches, and a lack of results.

Everyone looks to you for the answers and support. Yet leaders often overlook their own personal and professional development to support those around them. Understanding your work style, combined with confidential coaching, you can shift your impact as a leader and learn how to achieve results through others

Prescribed For:

Business leaders who want to better understand or learn their DiSC profile and how to apply DiSC within the workplace for positive results.

Prescription Details:

You’ll learn about the DiSC Management Assessment, what it means about your work style, and how you can leverage it to overcome the pain points leaders face in the workplace.

Single Dose
  • Everything DiSC® Management Assessment
  • Access to Catalyst Learning Platform
  • 1:1 download of your DiSC results
Extended Dose
  • Includes all of the above single dose benefits
  • 1:1 coaching for 12 months (18 total sessions, one hour each)

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