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Group Workplace Health Plans

As a manager or business leader, you’re tasked with driving results through others within a team. Dynamic Talent Consultants understands that working with others is an essential part of business and is key to growing positive business results. But as we know well, working with others, especially those with differing work styles and values, can cause challenges, stress, and unproductive workplace behaviors.

Dynamic Talent Consultants offers the following group health plans to get your team thriving together.

Manager Primary Care (Level Up Training)

Managing a team effectively to drive results can be challenging. Managers are in unique positions, constantly balancing between leadership decisions and influencing employees to implement initiatives.

This plan focuses on individual management training in a combination of group and individual settings to support collaboration, consistency, and effectiveness throughout the whole organization.

From new to seasoned managers, this training focuses on building healthy habits and consistency for teams and managers alike to thrive.

Prescribed For:

All managers within a single organization, typically up to 10 people per session

Prescription Details:

This six-month plan includes the following:

  • Team workshops (monthly for 90 minutes)
  • One-on-One Zoom coaching calls per participant (One hour, twice per month)
  • Everything DiSC®  Management profiles (one per participant)

Team Health Optimization (Robust Team Training)

The health of your company’s bottom line is directly correlated to the health of your individual employees and teams. Effective teams are not only aligned in goals, expectations, and individual work styles but are also agile and empowered to make quick and effective decisions.

The team health optimization plan was designed specifically for boosting the health of teams to increase both morale and productivity to achieve the business results you want.

Prescribed For:

This is specifically prescribed for teams of around 10 people. It engages teams through three Everything DiSC® assessments focused on Workplace, Emotional Intelligence, and Managing Conflict. With resources to learn how to become aware, effective, intentional, and productive together. A combination of team training and one-on-one coaching will ensure teams have full 360-degree healthcare support to thrive.

Prescription Details:

This six-month plan includes the following:

  • Team workshops (4-6 hours each, every other month)
  • One-on-one Zoom coaching calls per participant (30 minutes twice per month on months 2, 4, and 6)
  • DiSC assessments for each participant

Team Health Assessment (Workplace Training)

Our team health assessment is an introduction to team health optimization. You and your team get to learn and experience some of the benefits of DiSC, but for a shorter time commitment.

This is a great option if you’re interested in DiSC but maybe have a smaller budget or want to participate in a shorter trial period.

Prescribed For:

Manager or leader with a team of around 10 people or less who wants to create a more cohesive team.

Prescription Details:

This 3-month plan includes the following:

  • Team workshops (2 hours each month)
  • One-on-One Zoom coaching calls (2 hours per month/participant)
  • Everything DiSC Assessment for each participant
  • Ongoing support as needed

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