Five Common Hiring and Retention Challenges

Five Common Hiring and Retention Challenges

Hiring and retention challenges are nothing new. In fact, I believe that 99% of the challenges you are likely facing right now in your hiring and retention practices were there long before the pandemic. 

The pandemic, generational turnover, or lack of qualified candidates are not the cause but the catalysts for the existing, underlying problems with your current hiring and retention challenges. 

This isn’t to say there can’t be some additional variables that have compounded the challenges. The likely root of your challenges has always existed within your walls and how you’re doing business.

Now here’s the good news . . . it doesn’t have to stay that way!

But before you can change your hiring and retention course for the better, you first need to understand what is causing your challenges. While this can be any number of variables, five common challenges typically make the top of the list.

    1. Unclear job descriptions: How do you know you’ve hit the right target if you haven’t identified it? Unclear job duties are like a moving target leaving it up to chance whether you’ll hit a bullseye or even make it on the board. Hiring can be risky enough with a solid strategy and clear expectations. Don’t make it harder for yourself.
    2. Poor or non-existent hiring process: Who and how your hiring process functions is essential to the candidate experience and hiring team experience. Unclear and undefined hiring roles lead to a lack of speed, high turnover, and an overall lack of support.
    3. Invisible onboarding: A lack of tools and training to make new hires successful in your organization is risky business. You should never be “too busy” to train new hires into your culture and company. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make.
    4. Lousy communication: Failing to follow the 3 C’s in your company is a recipe for high turnover and unproductive behaviors. The 3 C’s are Communication to keep employees aware (transparency), Clarity in your message, and Consistency. Don’t ghost your employees or candidates.
    5. Toxic culture: Environments where employees are not held accountable, difficult conversations never happen, favoritism runs deep, everyone is disengaged, and collaboration is non-existent creates a revolving door of employees and growing frustration. This may be your biggest challenge to correct, but without any effort to shift your culture, you’ll continue to spend as much money or more on new employees when you aren’t taking care of your current employees.

Do any of these challenges sound or feel familiar to your organization? You’re not alone. No matter how long or challenging your situation is, I can tell you this: There is a way forward. One that not only supports hiring and retention but your overall organizational health as well. 

I’ll share those with you next week!

In the meantime, I urge you to take some dedicated time to sit and reflect on what your specific hiring and retention challenges are. Are they some of the above? Are they something different? Identify and write them down so you can create a strategy to shift.