Dynamic Talent Consultants is in the business of people. We believe individuals on their own, in teams and part of companies all have the potential to achieve great things. We help clients identify and retain top talent, we help employees and teams increase productivity and cohesion, and we develop leaders who will motivate their teams in years to come.

Our expertise

Dynamic Talent Consultants experts have 17-plus years in the human resources industry. We’ve worked with all types of small and mid-size clients to help improve their hiring processes, engage their current employees and develop cohesive teams. Be it a business in retail, sales, construction, nonprofit work or other, we can learn your industry — and sharing our expertise with your people and teams.

Meet Danielle J. Rusch

Danielle Rusch leads the Dynamic Talent Consultants team. Danielle has a passion for people. She has an eye for talent. She has the vision to develop and advance people and companies. Danielle worked in HR for years. Although she has led teams to great achievements, Danielle wanted to extend her expertise to help more people and more organizations. So she created Dynamic Talent Consultants. She combines her years of HR leadership with proven John Wiley tools to deliver impactful results to clients within the Greater Des Moines Metro.

Our methods

We take the time to get to know each of our clients on an individual level. We learn their industry, their business, their people, their goals and their challenges. We build relationships on trust and common aims.

Once we know a client, we turn to our tools and resources and craft our approach specific to their needs. We utilize and empower clients with proven solutions through our partnership with Wiley. We don’t simply deliver the solutions but stand with our clients every step of the way.

Explore our specific methods and tools for improving selection, engagement and synergy.

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